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Domestic research

Discover monthly and quarterly domestic visitation statistics for Victoria, as well as domestic market profiles.

Monthly statistics

For the month of June 2023 (released September 2023) key results are:


  • $1.4 billion in domestic overnight spend in Victoria in June 2023, down 1% year on year (YoY). This result is 16% above the month of June 2019 (pre-pandemic).
  • 2.1 million domestic overnight trips to/within Victoria in June 2023, up 10% YoY. This is 12% below June 2019.

Regional Victoria

  • 1.3 million domestic overnight trips to/within regional Victoria in June 2023, up 1% YoY but 17% below June 2019.


  • 853,000 domestic overnight trips to/within Melbourne in June 2023, up 29% YoY. This is 4% below June 2019.

Next monthly National Visitor Survey release for July 2023 will be in October 2023.

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Key domestic statistics

The latest Tourism Research Australia National Visitor Survey data for the year ending March 2023.

For the year ending March 2023 (released June 2023) key results are:

  • Domestic overnight expenditure increased well above the pre-COVID-19 level to $22.3 billion (+43%) in the year ending March 2023 and noted a substantial increase compared to the same time in 2022 (+109%).
  • Domestic overnight spend in regional Victoria has continued its strong performance with spend well above the pre-pandemic year ending March 2019 level (+60% to $10.9 billion).
  • Spend in Melbourne has fully recovered above pre-pandemic levels in both interstate (+31%) and intrastate (+28%) source markets to reach $11.3 billion (+30% overall).
  • Daytrip spend in Victoria has fully recovered and well surpassed the year ending March 2019 result (+45% to $8.6 billion).

Next National Visitor Survey release will be in September 2023.

Explore tourism data for Victoria and each of its tourism (sub) regions and Regional Development Victoria regions. Find out more about trends over time, as well and day and night trip data.

Domestic data dashboard

Explore data for Victoria and each of its tourism (sub) regions and Regional Development Victoria regions.

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Due care is taken in the production of this information. However, DJSIR accepts no responsibility for the use of this data. Figures may not add due to rounding. Visitor estimates to different locations can't be added.

Find out more at Tourism Research Australia.

Domestic visitor profiles

Visit Tourism Research Australia to access a suite of 22 domestic visitor profiles to better understand various domestic visitor segments based on who they are (e.g. family group) or what activities they undertake (e.g. Arts and Culture). These profiles are based on 2019 data.

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