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Tourism project facilitation

Supporting the delivery of your project

The development of new and enhanced tourism experiences helps grow the tourism sector in Victoria. The Victorian Government is here to help you on the journey of progressing your tourism project from concept to reality.

The Tourism Infrastructure Facilitation team offers expert advice and assistance to help identify opportunities for investment and support tourism projects that have potential to drive Victoria’s visitor economy.

We support projects through all investment phases from testing the concept, preparing for investment, construction and delivery and product launch and activation.

When considering your new tourism project, we can help with the following:

  • scoping new concept ideas to review the opportunity for advancement
  • research data to support early phase project feasibility and analysis
  • navigating and triaging regulatory approvals, including planning, environmental and cultural considerations
  • brokering project partnerships which might include funding, operations and industry support
  • providing advice on the project tourism merits to support approvals and advocacy
  • product development advice to support the launch of the product into the tourism market.

If you are considering a new tourism project, email the Tourism Infrastructure Facilitation team at

A guide to tourism investment: from concept to reality

We’ve created a guide that sets out an ideal pathway for successful investment in the tourism sector. The guide aims to help project owners towards successful tourism projects by providing strategic direction, a coordinated approach and consideration of all stages of the investment lifecycle.

Learn more about the investment lifecycle and what success looks like by downloading the guide.

Thinking about investing in Victorian tourism?

It’s a place to be inspired.

Experience 60,000 years of living culture where the First People tell the stories of their rich connection to place.

To play

To rest

and to graze.

With quiet nights in,

And big nights out.

There has never been a better time to invest in Victorian tourism. With so many opportunities waiting for you, you just need to pick one.

That’s why we are helping you get started.

With support to accelerate your vision.

Don’t miss out on all the state has to offer.

Stop thinking and start investing.

Reach out and start now.

Page last updated: 19 Jan 2024
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